Victor Faccinto: Three Decades Exhibition

Runs 11/20-1/15, 2011

Luise Ross Gallery, NYC

The current survey of Victor Faccinto's accomplished artistic career traces his development utilizing video, animation, photography, painting, and sculpture, stationary and kinetic with sound. The viewer is enveloped in the artist's bizarre and darkly humorous world of alien abductions, plastic dolls on parade, and snake ladies to mention a few.

Seduction and repulsion, love and lust, good and evil are the tensions that permeate Faccinto's work. His compositions are obsessive in their orchestration. His allegiance to bright, vibrant colors belies the sometimes disturbing subject matter, and maintains a level of humorous irreverence that is integrated throughout the work.

The video Nightmare or painting Rules of the Game, illustrate Faccinto's worlds which are filled with powerful women who rule their domains through sheer size, fear, sexuality or a combination. Men operating on the perimeters are seemingly at the mercy of the dominating females.

With Faccinto's repetitive motion, as in the sculptures Sound Box #4 and Stick Machine, the viewer is constantly being drawn in, unsure of precisely what is happening. We are left to interpret the actions for ourselves. The artist's world is all a stage and we the viewers are merely players. He is both puppet master and puppet within his improbable scenarios which both entice and terrify.

This is the artist's ninth solo exhibition in New York, including a one man show at the Museum of Modern Art, where his work is a part of the Film Study Collection.